Pascal Gabriel

19. You’re the conductor – it’s your orchestra

By 18. Oktober 2019No Comments

Life is a single learning of self-dependence. Being self-dependent means that you are responsible for yourself, not dependent on others. Then you have no expectations as to what things and other people should be like. Then you know that you are the conductor and you are the whole orchestra of your life, even if you don’t play all the instruments.

As a conductor of your self-dependence you know which instruments you cannot play and which you do not want to play. Then you take care of the missing instruments, but don’t expect these gaps to fill by themselves. You are the conductor, it’s your orchestra.

The conductor has an important task: he must be the conductor. In order for your orchestra to be able to play, you must be able to conduct. No one can teach you that. You are the only one who knows the instruments. You have the responsibility before yourself to find the missing instruments.