Pascal Gabriel

60. You’re an artist whether you like it or not.

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– your art should be here –

I am convinced that every human being comes into the world as an artist. No child thinks about banking or real estate management. Every child paints. The whole life is artistic self-expression. I don’t mean paint on walls. I mean that you had a talent before you learned something. You had joy in painting, joy in music, joy in fantasies.

If your work today is accompanied by this art, you probably don’t think about your profession. Only when your self-expression is lost over time have you left a part of yourself. Then you act according to blueprints and your art suffers.

Your authentic expression is in you, like a buried diamond. When you learn to see exactly, you recognize it with ease. It is the kind that you enjoy, a voice that is yours, your art that you cannot believe yourself.

All adults are children who long for play again. You are an artist, whether you like it or not.