Pascal Gabriel

17. Your outside follows your inside

By 16. Oktober 2019No Comments

You can’t get up on the wrong foot. There is nothing that should not be today. Bad days are not just bad days. There are days. And there is you. Your interpretation of everything is the filter that colors the world. You color the world, not the other way around. Your attitude, your stance and your inner state are a mirror of the world.

Accidents often happen to angry people. How often has a little toe on your chair leg fired up your anger? How often have you been in a traffic jam where things had to go really fast? Your inner state is constantly reflected from the outside. You are not in a traffic jam. You are the traffic jam.

The reversal is just as true. Mastery has ease. Good work has a better posture. Good feelings have a more beautiful expression. The basis is your inner world.

Your outer circumstance follows your inner state. If you get the inside right, the outside follows.