Pascal Gabriel

25. Your heart beats before your head thinks

By 24. Oktober 2019No Comments

And your love flows. Into your ideas. Into your partnerships. Into your future. Love always flows. And if you don’t feel it flow, then only because you are afraid. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being enough. Fear of death: social, physical, psychological.

We are all afraid of losing our identity. To contradict the social history of „I, how I always have been in the past“. We invest a lot in this identity. It is the story that has been formed from all years of life into this script according to which we live today and that others expect from us. To act against the script would feel like acting against myself. What will the others say when I am becoming someone else? Will my friends and family still love me if I choose another script, against the ordinary?

The truth is that such thoughts only come from the mind. Fear comes only from the pulp between your ears, not from your heart. Your worries about the future have nothing to do with the being you always are. You are not a story and not the expectations of others. You are you. And that is your power. You can’t just be who you want to be, you have to be who you are. If the universe has a mission for you, it is this one. You have no other choice, just a head that appeals too often.

The biggest fear is the fear of intense emotions that we think we can’t stand. These also contain the good, overwhelming ones. The fear of our greatest version, of love, of the attention for our magnificence and the responsibility that comes with it. Your head is a thermostat that makes sure it doesn’t get too hot. It likes the pleasant, medium temperatures. Your ambition doesn’t give a shit about temperatures. Ambition wants you to burn. Your passion wants to live.

Your heart is faster than your head. Emotions are more powerful than thoughts. Fear is only a thought, love is an emotion. Your heart beats before your head thinks.