Pascal Gabriel

5. Your brain is not a prison

By 4. Oktober 2019No Comments

Sometimes you may feel helpless at the mercy of a situation. As soon as you want to change something – in your job, in your relationship, in your life – they are there: the walls of your own cell. The bars of this prison are the beliefs that keep your life situation in place. You should. You would. You could. But: You can’t just…

With such sentences you are like a lion in a cage – first you defend yourself, then you despair, then you resign. From then on your attempts to break out are only vague ambitions. Trying to include the drama and failure of long experience, like shadow plays in front of yourself. Depression, boredom, short moments of excitement and fullstops. Endless Déjà-Vus, everything repeats itself. A holiday from time to time. Spaghetti at the Italian restaurant around the corner. Hamster wheel without progress. Emptiness without reason. Nothing more.

Limitations you accept become the limits of a cage you build as your identity. You can play this game for a lifetime and at the end say you at least tried; that life was okay.

Only those who dare to go beyond their borders can recognize their limitations. Only those who know their limits can confront and dissolve them. Or passively accept to live in captivity like any other circus lion. You simply could have done nothing in the cage and would have the same result. Or you could just break out.

Your brain is not a prison. You make it that way.