Pascal Gabriel

91. You’ll never know how old you got

By 30. Dezember 2019No Comments

Last year, for the first time in my life, someone in my age group died. We all live in the illusion that we reach an age according to statistics. Statistics, however, is average and average conditional rashes in both extremes. Your life is never guaranteed.

Worldwide, 150,000 people die every day. 6,300 die every hour. That is 105 per minute. Two per second.


Sure you’re thinking „I’m still alive, after all“ now. That’s what most people thought before they were run over on the street, struck by lightning or surprised by the power line in the wall. This is not a call to go crazy. Living as if you were going to die tomorrow is not a solution. To pretend that you will never die, neither. So what is the right way to live? Maybe so that you live in the conscience of not wanting to change anything today.

The length of life is not as decisive as its depth. For a dead self there is no number, no criterion, for a long or short life. In the end, your life story collapses into the moments you have experienced. Whether many or few moments, is not related to long or short life. You will never know how old you became anyway.

What is important in the end is that your answer to the question
„If you had to die tomorrow, how would you live today?“

Would be:

„Just like now. Now. Now.“