Pascal Gabriel

68. You don’t help the poor by being poor.

By 6. Dezember 2019No Comments

Money has a crazy meaning in most people’s minds. It is often stuffed with negative associations. Money makes you greedy. Money makes evil. Money makes you exuberant. The subject of money has so much negative weight that on the one hand it accounts for 95% of our worries, but we do not want it 95% of the time.

„Money sucks, I’d like more of it.“ A single big contradiction in itself.

The more you think about money, the more greedily the thoughts circle, how you can get it fast. The more you really help people, the more you get the value back in the form of money. Money is an energy balance. Money is proof that you are valuable for other lives – or at least that you create something of value.

When envy runs amok, people go to the same level as the poor. The fight against „those up there“ proves my position „down here“. There are too many people who want to stand up for the poor out of self-pity in their own poverty. Pay attention to whether your compassion for others is the self-pity of your own situation.

If you really want to help someone, don’t do it by being one of them. If you really want to help, you become a role model and use your talents to bring others up instead of forming a needy community down there.

Become generous, good and courageous. Get rich with what you do best. Help many people. Become richer through this and help even more people.