Pascal Gabriel

13. Why would you choose to feel bad?

By 12. Oktober 2019No Comments

Our body sends about 10 times more signals into the head than the head into the body. These are the good bad feelings: If something is wrong, with stress, nutrition, sleep and so on, your body tells you. Feelings are the messengers of our body.

On the other hand, our thoughts determine how we feel. Situations arise outside of us. What the thing means, arises in our head. We feel the effect of the thoughts in the body.

It is said there is people who feel really comfortable in bad feelings. That always give the situations a meaning that represents them in a bad light. The truth is that every situation has the potential to be interpreted well or badly. The meaning comes from your head. You have the choice.

What signal do you send into your body? Why would you choose to feel anything but good?