Pascal Gabriel

89. When you die, the world ends.

By 27. Dezember 2019No Comments

I often fantasize about what actually happens when I die. How many things will happen on this planet that I just won’t experience.

Isn’t it fantastic that in our timeline we are embedded in a reality that we think is the only true one? By always being now, we think we are ahead of the past and on the edge to the future. The top of evolution.

Every generation of past centuries and millennia must have thought the same. No one could have imagined how the future would think about the time that was then now.

I am then frightened by the idea that after my death the world will continue to exist. Perhaps someone will even overcome death, develop a medicine for eternal life. Maybe I am no longer among the lucky winners. And that frightens me.

Fear, however, is conscious perception. And when I am dead, this perception no longer exists. Just as my sensory perception in the womb has slowly come into being like dawn, at which one can no longer exactly determine the transition from night to day, it will go again. I can’t remember that it was painful before. Or that I thought I missed something.

Our conscious thinking makes it possible for us humans to see each other in a timeline of past and future. A dog doesn’t do that – he sees the present moment as the eternal continuum. Or have you ever seen a dog that worries about tomorrow?

My consciousness is the driver of my fantasies, which imagine how the future will continue to exist without me. Without this conscious projection into the future, that would not be possible. Strictly speaking, I was already dead once. Before my consciousness woke up in my mother’s womb.

What if you fell asleep today and never woke up again? Actually not so bad, is it? When you die, your consciousness ends. And with that every idea of past and future ends.

When you die, the world ends.