Pascal Gabriel

18. The way out is in

By 17. Oktober 2019No Comments

Our brain always takes today’s point of view as a vantage point for the future. From every moment we assume that life will stay that way forever – even if our experience changes again and again.

There are moments when you feel trapped in hell. Times when everything goes wrong. The mistake we all make in such times is to look for solutions for things that would go away by themselves. The more attention we give to the bad situations, the tighter they stay.

There is a simple wisdom for emotions and feelings: They come and they go.

If they stay, they are good signs that something is going wrong with you. The wrong job, the wrong relationship, the wrong lifestyle. All of them you can change if you go in: into your feelings, into yourself. There you will find the answers that are always obvious to you in hindsight. People have a precise intuition as to what they actually do, believe, have to do in order to be well.

You are an animal that suppresses its instincts. The resistance against the emotions keeps them imprisoned in you. Enduring situations is more strenuous, but often more comfortable than experiencing emotions. Emotions and feelings come and go as you go through them. If you’re in trouble, there’s only one way out: in.