Pascal Gabriel

90. The only easy day was yesterday.

By 29. Dezember 2019No Comments

In our society we often expect a shortcut to a desired goal. The powder that allows muscles to grow with little training. Toothpaste that makes teeth whiter immediately. The lottery ticket that changes our lives.

What we often forget: There are no shortcuts for a successful life. At least not for things where we have to grow ourselves and personally in order to be happy and proud of ourselves. Whenever we compare ourselves with people who have achieved their goals (and perhaps ours), it seems to be overnight success. Of course we do not see the thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears. The endless hours of practice, renunciation and perseverance to achieve a great goal is known only to those who have achieved it. And in the end it is exactly these hours that we proudly look back on when we arrive where we wanted to see ourselves years ago.

This is the price and value for happiness, fulfillment, mastery, fitness, health, and much more. Maybe there are shortcuts to a better career, more money and a better relationship. But there is none for a better relationship with myself.

How often do we complain about the problems ahead? The bills that never stop. Washing dishes again. The stumbling blocks on the way to the great summit. And just when I think I have settled everything, the next thing comes. Will that ever stop?
Nobody said it would be easy. But it will be worth it. That’s why I’m going on. Every day a bit better, every day more mastering myself. I’m almost looking forward to the challenges of tomorrow. I already know everything else.

The only easy day was yesterday.