Pascal Gabriel

62. The meaning of life is bullshit

By 30. November 2019No Comments


Every book from the self-help corner will tell you relatively early on that you have to define the meaning of life in order to be truly happy and fulfilled. Once you have this sentence, the gears of life will run and the universe will assist you.


Believing that the meaning of your life is a sentence is an avoidance of possibilities. Looking for the sentence is a good excuse for everything as long as it hasn’t occurred to you yet. Instead of waiting passively for a sentence to motivate you, you can pursue your interests and immerse yourself in them.

The meaning of life thus becomes the mastery of your interests.
No God in the world gives you a sentence. You formulate it over time. In retrospect, the mastery of your interests automatically gives you the meaning of your life that no one could formulate in advance.