Pascal Gabriel

39. The beauty of your flaws

By 7. November 2019No Comments


The most beautiful people have the most flaws. Most people are afraid of their most beautiful flaws. These fears are a kind of evolutionary way to survive in the world with bad conditions, feelings and qualities..

„If I’m flawless, they’ll like me.“

Your edges are the characteristics of your personality that we can hold on to and orient ourselves by. The contact becomes exciting, because the rough surface allows friction and we recognize our own contour better.
Nobody finds excitement in perfect surfaces. They may make you look flawless, but you hide a large part of yourself. Fractures, corners and edges may look like defects from the outside. And at the same time the question arises, how could they not be an expression of your beauty, how else can you love something so broken?

Your corners and edges are beauty in the eyes of others. Never hide the flaws someone could love you for.