Pascal Gabriel

29. Stop living someone else’s life

By 28. Oktober 2019No Comments

As good as your parents mean to you, they only pass on the knowledge of their own world. We all want to please our parents and attach great importance to their expectations. It is obvious that the children of a dentist family often become dentists. I have met children of artists who have always had to force themselves to be artists.

Your compassion for your parents can become the self-deception of your life. The expectations of earlier days leave deep traces of acceptance and rejection, which continue to play like old records long after your childhood.

I believe in a spiritual mission that is independent of the genetic make-up of your parents. Each alignment of your life towards the expectations of others takes you further away from this mission. Every desire for confirmation aligns your actions with the opinions of others.

If you do not live your life for yourself, who will live it for you? You can only live your own life. You are not in the world to life up to the expectations of others. No one else is in the world to life up to your expectations.

The greatest burden is borne by people who have to live the unlived lives of their parents. Let go of the weight. Your parents are the cause that you are in the world. Not the reason.

Stop living someone else’s life.