Pascal Gabriel

87. Reality is negotiable

By 26. Dezember 2019No Comments

The whole world is nothing but a personal perception of things we have agreed upon. Every point of view, every view of a thing, is held by the framework we give it.

Everyone has his point of view, everyone has a frame. Frames are not fixed. They are momentary points of reference from which we subjectively view a thing. With yellow glasses, the sun shines everywhere. With the right frame, everything appears in a more meaningful light.

Stop at a red traffic light. Stand in a cashier line. Sit in a row. These are all frames that we have learned. The whole world is portioned madness of regulated conditions to which we tacitly agree.

There is never just one framework for one thing. Frameworks are negotiated when two exchange views on a matter. Everyone you meet has a point of reference, not the almighty endpoint. There is never one right way, one answer to everything.

Reflections of reality are not reality. Reality is negotiable.