Pascal Gabriel

32. Never win the world by losing yourself

By 31. Oktober 2019No Comments

Our society has deep aisles into which our values can fall. Who has a lot of money, a house and a car, is a happy, safe person? As much as I want to believe it, this list goes against every form of human nature. You can win in the world, and lose yourself completely.

What happens if, after 10 years of discipline, performance and stress, you are the millionaire you always wanted to be? Do the 10 years of misfortune justify the happiness you hoped for from the millions? Could you have been happy for 10 years without the stress? Could you have experienced happiness without the millions?

All needs and desires thought to the end, our hope for money, status and power is a bit more happiness. Is it really success if your life has to suffer for your fulfillment?
I wish you to be rich. I also wish you to be rich before you have millions.
The superficial reality gives us good reasons to exchange the happiness of today for the greater happiness of tomorrow. The deal is only tempting if you can’t feel your happiness now. I say can feel because you probably have everything here and now that can make you completely happy.

You can win everything and lose yourself completely. Become successful and fail. Do everything right and feel right wrong.

Never win the world by losing yourself.