Pascal Gabriel

73. Never reach your goal

By 12. Dezember 2019No Comments

A saying goes, a sure way for misfortune is not to get what you want. Another: to get what you want.

The best goals are those that are transit stations to a better version of yourself. Good goals are subjective growth instead of objective achievement. A sure way to create this is to set yourself goals that formulate behavior rather than an endpoint. A second way is to make goals so big that they pull you into the future. Like a force worth pursuing without having to reach it.

Goals should be unattainable and at the same time get stretches that let you go forward.

If one thing is really important to you, you are happy when you make one step and your goal goes two steps further. The worst thing that can happen to you is to achieve your goals. Good goals are not points you want to reach, but ways you want to go.

Never reach your goal.