Pascal Gabriel

75. Never make „more“ your standard

By 14. Dezember 2019No Comments

In Silicon Valley, there are millionaires who don’t feel rich. Compared to the multimillionaires and billionaires, they are small worms.

Those who don’t know how much they need for their self-defined happiness have „more“ as their standard answer. The search for the more quickly becomes an addiction – the combination of search and escape. It’s the search for the „always one more“ and the escape from being really here that makes people unhappy.

„There’s got to be more to it than that.“

It’s not about frugality, it’s about attention. Where you are and what you have is probably already prerequisite enough for perfect happiness. You don’t need a million more to increase your self-esteem if you really see how many people already love you.

With the „more“ mindset you can always create self-made misfortune out of happiness. „More than“ is not a goal that could ever be achieved. „More than“ maintains the addiction to more. In addiction, „too little“ quickly becomes the standard answer.