Pascal Gabriel

54. Never let money justify wasted time

By 22. November 2019No Comments


As long as you don’t know what makes you happy, money is an excuse for wasting time. It is therefore an important decision whether you work for happiness or just for money.

Too many people buy themselves the short happiness of 3 weeks of vacation to justify the whole working year. I have met too many people who have been in the wrong job for 20 years. Like a transvestite who only wears women’s clothes twice a year. Completely wrong life.

The hamster wheel only looks like a career ladder when you’re in it. This race is so deeply entangled in our culture with hope and fear that most people just don’t see the hamster wheel. Or it is too late after 20 years:

Why change anything now?

Money is a means to an end and probably you can have the end independent of money. In contrast, while living the purpose, you could probably earn money with your talents and be a free man wasting your time on the beach or wherever.

Happiness makes wasted time valuable. Money only justifies wasted time.