Pascal Gabriel

70. Lucky Amateur or Conscious Professional

By 8. Dezember 2019No Comments

Authenticity at work is completely overrated. Of course, things work better when what you offer comes authentically from you. But that doesn’t mean that you will feel like it every day.

Many people stay far from becoming professionals by shooting themselves in the foot again and again and „just don’t feel like it today“. They act like your heart surgeon, who somehow doesn’t feel like having your operation today. Like a pilot greeting you in a really bad mood on a plane.

Customers pay you for their feeling, not yours. It may be important to them that you are authentic. For their money, however, it is much more important to them that you are professional. At the latest with your own heart operation you will become very aware of this.

We entrust our lives to professionals because we expect their performance when it matters. If you have to be authentic to do your best work, you are an amateur who is lucky from time to time. Not an authentic professional.