Pascal Gabriel

9. Life is permanent beta

By 8. Oktober 2019No Comments

People always see the present as a turning point in their biography, where they have finally become the personality they will remain for the rest of their lives. Most teachings, books and gurus sell exactly this hope for an end point where we hope for eternal happiness.

There will never be a point where growth stops. Life is growth or withering. This applies to plants, animals and humans. A tree does not stop growing half way through. A dolphin does not wait for retirement. You are not made to stand still. Your instinct is growth and liveliness, which makes change the basis of life.

Life is permanently beta, every point of view a transit station to the next. There is no goal, so there is no starting point, no climax, and no end point. A wish for things to stay the same forever is a mirage that makes you suffer until the next mirage.

Life is change, and you are always right in the middle of it.