Pascal Gabriel

63. Life is action or reaction

By 2. Dezember 2019No Comments


There’s always a goal in life. You can’t have no goal. Going to bed has the goal of waking up tomorrow. Every job has the overriding goal of earning money. And even if you don’t do anything and are lying on the beach, your goal is to be happy. It is up to you whether you act or react in your life. Whether you pursue your own goal or another’s. Whether you have a vision or are a co-driver of other visions. There are really only two ways to live: in action or in reaction.

With every reaction you give yourself the sign that you are not following your own path. If you secretly know that you are following instructions because your own desires are making you too afraid, you will permanently diminish your self-confidence. Why be self-conscious when the agenda for life comes from someone else?

You build self-confidence with action. By breaking down your big dreams into small steps and starting today with the tiniest unity. This can be a phone call, an e-mail or a research. It doesn’t matter whether the success of this little thing is really visible. The only important thing is that the first domino has been pushed into your future. It is important that you prove to yourself that you believe you can. And you begin to live your world in action.