Pascal Gabriel

1. Life is a bitch and then you live

By 30. September 2019No Comments

Seriously: Life is a bitch. Life really isn’t always easy. Often times like a real bitch. You never have your peace of mind.

To perform at your job, to have relationships, to control finances and to bring friends and family under one roof? That’s not the fun life. That’s like working on a crab boat in Alaska. Until we have gained some control in all areas of life, the cold waves keep throwing us overboard. Pretty normal.

I just never liked the second part of the proverb: Life is a bitch and then you die? First I’m supposed to endure this shit all my life, and then I have to die in the end? I can’t leave it like that. I just don’t think so. Yes, unpleasant things are part of growth. A large part of growing up is a certain mastery of the areas of life. At some point you have the feeling of control. Not always and permanently everywhere. But it always gets a bit better. With time comes routine, with routine control and with control comes freedom.

Test pilots deliberately take their plane to the edge of a crash. Astronauts have to be clear in their minds until the last second. They learn how to deal with the bitch. To control the instincts. The most difficult part of success is not the way you go. The most difficult part is mastering your impulses on the way. Just before the breakdown comes the breakthrough.

The pressure always increases before things change. The darkest day is the beginning of the brightest. No misfortune comes without happiness, no life without liveliness. Yes, life is sometimes a bitch. And yes, afterwards there is sex for reconciliation.

Life is a bitch and then you live.