Pascal Gabriel

59. It’s easier to make things hard

By 27. November 2019No Comments


In math I used to get confused when the result of the task was an even number. „Can’t be … that would be just too easy.“

We’ve all learned to do complicated things in complicated systems. A lot of effort has a lot of yield. These are the slogans from the economic boom. Ambition after wars and crisis.

Do you spend 8 hours in the office for a task that you could solve in 2? Are you waiting for life after work?

Work extends to the time available. If you have to fill 8 hours, you fill them. Those who make things difficult at least have the impression of really working instead of just sitting.

Most problems would be easy to solve if we weren’t in love with their complexity. Simplicity frightens us. What is easy is worth nothing? Only a lot of work is worth a lot of money? A working day has 8 hours?

These are bad beliefs from the working-class district.