Pascal Gabriel

77. Is your freedom keeping you from living it?

By 16. Dezember 2019No Comments

We seem to live in the freest time of history. So many options and ways give us the illusion that we can live more than one life. And the fact that we can all just live one life makes it so hard for us. I want to make a career, but still have a lot of free time, do something good for the world, start a family but always travel a lot. As long as we don’t decide for an option, for a viable way of life, we are stuck in contradictions. And these internal conflicts make us unfree. The more possibilities we have, the more we feel trapped.

It is this freedom that often gives us the feeling that „real“ life has not yet begun. Something could soon come that will steer my life in a different direction. Perhaps a second life? A great change that gives me the feeling that fate has found me? There must be something better than this.

„I want to be over there – not here.“

The thing is, you can’t be anywhere else when you’re here. And if you do get there, you will be here again. So goals only become an illusion. When you have reached them, you want to be somewhere else again.

What is important is the step you take at this moment. Once you have thought carefully about where you want to be in 3, 5, 10 or 20 years, you can interpret this step today. And enjoy the path. Freedom is then to look back and understand that the lack of freedom of decision has freed you from conflict with yourself in the long run. That is true freedom – the „real“ life.