Pascal Gabriel

22. Everything’s fucked

By 21. Oktober 2019No Comments

What you have to survive in the world is a map in your head. It is like a map of the world – an attempt to give structure to the wilderness. When you learn new things, you add unknown parts to your map. If you want to change yourself, you change faulty parts of the map. The fucked part is that a map never really covers objective reality. It’s just a limited, flawed map trying to control the unpredictability of life.

Whenever you have conflicts, when you are outside the comfort zone or collide with others at the border, there is no map. On the open sea there is suddenly no way marked, you have to find ways in the cold water. Unpleasant and frightening. Different and new. Everything fucks you out there.

Unpleasant feelings and emotions show you the limits of the map where it is dark and cold. Where you have no ways, you have to grow and learn – or paddle back ashore.

Which way do you choose?