Pascal Gabriel

23. Everything fits

By 22. Oktober 2019No Comments

The map in your head is a wonderful instrument. Every person in the world has his own map of generalizations and beliefs that make his life harder or easier.

You too can learn exactly those parts that are still hidden from you. If you can think like the biggest investor in the world, you can be the biggest investor in the world. You can be anyone you want to be because there are people who are like that.

The courage to find the people with the right map and to learn exactly these parts is the only condition for it. It is your will to learn and to live your potential, nothing else. No luck, no coincidence – your will.

If you find the right information, new parts will complete your previous map, which was closed to you. With each part a new world opens. With each addition you have the feeling that you are becoming a bit more of yourself.

Over time, all parts form a whole – you.