Pascal Gabriel

14. Everything belongs to you

By 13. Oktober 2019No Comments

To become free is to accept everything. Realizing that things in life do not happen against me, but for me. It means no longer fighting against life, but growing with it.

When you are free, everything is not just sunshine and rainbows. Freedom is not the grinning Buddha who only purrs of love. On the contrary, freedom is the experience of everything that belongs to you: Your love, your anger, your trust, your rejection, your joy, your grief.

He who is free experiences his emotions to the full and does not only want to force the good ones. He is not free from his feelings, he is free through his feelings. To be free means to be whole. To live whole, to feel whole.

Freedom is authenticity. Then you are no longer an actor that others like for his performance. You take off your mask, no longer act in situations out of fear against your intuition. You become raw and real. Some will leave you for it. Those who value your acting more than your authenticity will feel misunderstood, rejected and deceived. They wanted your acting, not your authenticity.

Those who appreciate your authenticity will remain. Then you will be free from all who have made you unfree and free with what belongs to you.

Everything belongs to you.