Pascal Gabriel

57. Eat the meal, not the menu

By 25. November 2019No Comments


You can write a scientific study about pizza without ever having tried pizza before. You can study Italy, watch videos about mozzarella on Youtube and dream about bathing in tomato sauce – you won’t know what it tastes like.

I’ve met people who have been attending personality development seminars for over 20 years just so they don’t have to evolve in real life. A guy from my group of men once said that he had given up hope after 20 years of workshops. The hope for what? Hope is passive. Hope hopes for an insight from the outside so that I don’t have to look inside. So that I don’t have to act, but can continue to hope.

We can make plans without end. Imagine the great future in fantasy. Dreaming of immediate fulfilment and bathing in happiness hormones. It is easier to eat the menu if you are afraid to cook the dish. The thinker in us often imagines the frenzy of the fat future to protect us from the real experience of the thing itself. With the disadvantage that we don’t really live. Our imagination provides us with short-term experiences of success in our heads and leaves us snivelling after the great fulfillment.

To experience things is to live them. There is no action through hope. No menu replaces the dish. No one wonders why paper doesn’t taste like pizza.