Pascal Gabriel

89. Don’t give up. Take a break.

By 28. Dezember 2019No Comments

Growth can be damn exhausting. At best, it’s like stretching: a little uncomfortable, but healthy for you. Getting something on your own is always more strenuous than taking your place of work and letting your colleagues catch you when you get a hang of it.

Doing your thing is often associated with growth pains. If it has to be, if it is really important, it has to fit into the day. The extra mile that makes you successful. The one contact that needs to be nurtured. The overtime that pays off. And then all at once.
Everything that demands your full commitment for a long time will eventually result in a hangover. Write a book next to the job? Tired. Constantly building up your business over the years? Tired. Networking continuously as a lone warrior and finding new jobs? Tired.

Tiredness is usually only noticed when you are about to nod off. It is easy to doubt everything in the valley of tiredness. Why do I do that at all? Will my idea ever prevail? Does anybody want that shit at all?

When you’re tired, doubts are the monsters under your bed. Worries at night are always more powerful than during the day. When you’re tired, learn to slow down. Every winner tells you the story of staying power. Very few success stories happen overnight.

Don’t give up. Take a break.