Pascal Gabriel

6. Do you enjoy swimming in shit?

By 5. Oktober 2019No Comments

Most of the time we treat the current moment as something to overcome. An invisible adversary against whom we turn our energy. This stupid colleague, the damn taxes, these miserable parents.

The struggle with the circumstances is often a clinging to the resistances. A large part of you wants what you hate. What receives attention remains. Fucking work. Fucking life. All stays.

And the life that we could really live? That’s what most people are afraid of. It’s better to stay busy with little things every day so as not to have to risk the unpleasant feeling of freedom. Then the fight can go on and you can complain that everything stays the same. „See I’m trying.“

Lifestyles are often the result of entanglements in the neurotic lifestyles of the past. Are you swimming in shit because that’s where you learned to swim? What happens when all your problems end? It’s easier to swim in shit if you then at least know who you are.