Pascal Gabriel

76. Control is freedom

By 15. Dezember 2019No Comments

Freedom has become the big bullshit bingo in recent years. With all digital nomads and 4-hour workweek people it is a big goal of digitization to escape the slavery of work, responsibility and everything.

I am free to choose a job, but cannot have 100 others. I am free not to choose a job and remain alone with the fear of not having chosen.

You can formulate the sentence with relationship, partner, profession, etc. and always come to the same result. Where there is agony, there is choice. If you can choose from millions of possibilities, you meet the paradox: Too many possibilities make it almost impossible to be satisfied with a choice. The more options we have, the more wrong decisions we can make. And when we choose an option, the fear remains whether there would have been a better option.

The fear of not having realized any possibilities makes us sick. The fact that we constantly hear about other people’s moments of success in the media reinforces this fear. For every one of these big winners there are millions of people who would like to be these winners but are not. The competition for great freedom is only a fight against ourselves. To put myself under pressure to make the perfect decisions or not to make a decision to keep everything open. Ultimately it is a great avoidance of everything: to choose and doubt or not to choose and doubt.

Two points of view, one result: lack of freedom from myself. The alternative? Choosing what I want to condemn myself to. To consciously choose to do things. Make me a slave to my choices, free to go.

Freedom does not mean to be independent of everything and everyone. Freedom means deciding who and what I want to depend on.

Whoever decides not to do anything decides not to be free.