Pascal Gabriel

45. Boundless freedom is a huge border

By 13. November 2019No Comments


We all have ways of protecting our core, our fear, the most intimate part of us, from injury. There are many strategies to do this. The most treacherous of these is to pretend that you have nothing at all to hide. As if one were completely transparent. As if one had boundless freedom.

If you think you have to be infinitely free, you enter boundless captivity. We all want more connection and anchorage with the people around us. We all long for deep intimacy and love. We are all infinitely afraid of losing ourselves in it.

Keeping myself constantly independent is a neurotic behavior of never really making a deep connection. At the same time, we want others to connect with us. The game of fear hide-and-seek is the dance of intimacy. Your mind can avoid the greatest goal of life and rejoice to be „free“. You are not free if you think you have to be free. Freedom also includes the freedom to put myself in captivity, to live my life in connection and thus risk my independence.

Boundless freedom is closure that keeps people at a distance. No matter in which kind of relationship: to always defend one’s freedom usually means to distance oneself from everything. To build a huge border around oneself.

Whoever is always independent becomes more and more untouchable. For oneself and for others.