Pascal Gabriel

69. Bloom where you are planted

By 7. Dezember 2019No Comments

A plant cannot choose where it will be planted. Nevertheless, no plant has ever blossomed out of defiance. Of course, the better soil and more sun make a difference. Nevertheless it grows.

Of course everyone with the right basic conditions would perform like crazy. With the perfect circumstances it is easier for everyone to deliver on a pro level. It would only be a mistake not to deliver anything with less good conditions and to blame the result on the circumstances.

The basis is important. The basics are more important. Yes, a gourmet chef delivers pro level because the ingredients all fit. That is his basis. And yes, a gourmet chef also conjures up something really good with the 3 ingredients in your tiny fridge. These are his basics. It’s easy to confuse the basics with the basics. A nicer desk and better pens don’t replace your ability to think and use your talents properly.

Mastery is the constant proof that you can deliver even under adverse circumstances. A master expresses his mastery with what he has. He doesn’t care if his vegetables have grown in resistance. The preparation is more important to him.