Pascal Gabriel

38. Believe what you prefer

By 6. November 2019No Comments


No one knows what’s really going on outside his perception. No one knows what the world really is like. All you know are the conclusions of your previous experiences. They are generalizations that you willfully accept as your reality. What is simply not true for another, you see as the law of the world. Your faith supports your experiences in the world.

People are selfish?
The world is dangerous?
Relationships suck?

All lifestyles, beliefs, job titles and descriptions are concepts that want to explain the world. Only labels, unnatural categories. No one really knows exactly who he is or what is going on. Everything somehow is a matter of definition. All faith. If that’s the case, just do it the easy way:

People are love.
The world is a playground.
Relationships are beautiful.

Believe what you prefer.