Pascal Gabriel

48. Attention doesn’t lie

By 15. November 2019No Comments


When something is really important to you from the heart, you act. If your comfort is more important to you, you only talk. On one level it is important to all of us that world hunger is ends, the seas are freed from plastic and wars come to an end. How many really act and do something for or against it?

It is easy to be convinced of one’s good intentions and great heart for the world without really doing anything. Most people are bargain hunters of good conscience. Buy the cheapest clothes from Indian children, but shop without the plastic bag. Protest against dying bees, but go on eating almonds from california. Against mass animal farming, but milk coffee every day. Greenwashing the soul.

Is there a good and a bad part in you? No. There are no parts in you that are in conflict with what you decide to do as a whole. Only weak people negotiate bad behaviour. What you do is the decision of yourself as a whole. Attention does not lie. Your actions show your priorities.

What counts is not what you say. What counts is what you do.