Pascal Gabriel

53. Hundred billion galaxies and you

By 21. November 2019No Comments


The universe is estimated to comprise 100 billion galaxies. On the Milky Way alone there are about 500 million planets where life is possible. From the perspective, all your problems, all your fears – of rejection, death, life, success, job changes and the clothes rack at night – are nothing but a joke. Your entire lifetime on planet Earth is a wet fart in the Atlantic compared to the approximately 2 million years of human history.

This insight alone would have to free you from all fears and restraints of your everyday life forever. For example in your work. How could someone in the short of time do nothing with his abilities and talents? How can you not do your thing?

The concept of work as we know it today is not more than 500 years old. And as it is already becoming apparent, it will not stay that way for another 50 years. Either people will use more and more machines or people will be used more like machines. I guess the first one. Until then, you have the chance to make a living with your gifts.

You are not in the world to follow guidelines. You are not in the world to sell insurance. You are not in the world to sort tax receipts. No one was born to fall victim to obedience in quiet desperation. Every human being is born to live his greatest possible dream.

You are free to make everything of yourself.
Make something great!