Pascal Gabriel

51. Your life has always been now

By 19. November 2019No Comments


When you ask the great gurus, everyone agrees that life is always now. This statement has always disturbed me. Not because it is not true. But because a part is missing.

If I can think about the now, it is only because it was just now. Life is now, but when I think about it, the now is already in the past. Sounds banal, but has great effects: What you are currently thinking and doing is a consistent continuation of what you have just thought and done. You are doing what you just did and you will probably continue to do what you are doing right now. What you do today becomes the prerequisite for what you do tomorrow. It is much more likely that you will repeat the past much more often than live the moment.

Life only takes place in the memories of our future selves.

How blatantly we have lived in this endless loop, we mostly only recognize when the environment changes. When a partner suddenly leaves. When the boss gives us notice. Then you have a real experience, no more endless everyday hypnosis. In retrospect, these are the great, liberating moments. Feels like shit now because the hypnosis was so pleasant. But in the long run it has exactly the happiness in it that you hoped for from now on.

You can only be in the now, not live in the now. Much more important than the idea of living in the now is to have a vision of your life that makes the now worth living. Then you can live every moment in the now, because you have done just now what you are doing now and want to do right now.

When you ask the great gurus, everyone agrees: life is now, can only be understood backwards and lived forward.